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  First Missionary Baptist Church is committed to exalting the   Savior, edifying the saints, and evangelizing the lost. God's   blessings are abounding as a result of the preaching and   teaching of His word. We extend a warm invitation to all as   we worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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  10 miles west on K Highway

   from West Plains

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We'd love to have you join us for the services each week at First Missionary Baptist, but we know that some are unable to make it from time to time. Others of you might want to listen to a sermon again at your convenience. Below you will find some of the sermons preached at First Missionary Baptist.

Pray for our men and women

 who fight for our freedom

Thank you for your service.

What Keeps God from being

God Almighty

01 What keeps God from being God almighty.wma

Great words in a dark time

01 Great words in a dark time.wma

Where Still Here

01 Where Still Here.wma

Get you a taste

01 Track 1.wma

When God comes toward us

When God comes toward us.wma

Sin in the city

01 Sin in the city.wma

Seven cries from the Cross

Seven cries from the Cross.mp3

What type of Christian do you want to be


01 what christian do you want to be.mp3


Wait for the fourth watch                                        

01 Wait for the fourth watch.mp3


Would He save it for you                                        

01 Would He stop it for you.mp3


How to stand out in a crowd                                             

How to stand out in the crowd.mp3


Even now

01 Even now.mp3



01 Regret.mp3


 Except ye be converted

01 Except ye be converted.mp3


 Dim Gold

Dim Gold.mp3


 Shake it off

01 Shake it off.mp3


 The Law

01 The Law.mp3


 Knocked down but not out

01 Knocked down but not out.mp3


 I owe a debt

01 I owe a debt.mp3


 Victory to the violent

Victory to the violent.mp3


 He come to himself

01 he come to himself.mp3


 Stay out of Gods Business

01 Stay out of Gods Business.mp3


 Two Kings one Throne II

01 Two Kings one throne 2.mp3


 Two Kings one Throne I

01 Two kings one throne 1.mp3


 Politically Correct

01 Politacally Correct.mp3





 The tale of two men

01 The tale of two men.mp3


01 Study.mp3

 Things GOD can’t do

Things GOD Can't do.mp3



 Radio Broadcast 9:00 am on 100.3 FM

 Sunday School 10:00 am

 Sunday Worship Service 11:00 am

 Route 66 Kids Children's Church  11:00  am

1st Sunday of the month the middle school group meets 3:00 pm

 Sunday Evening Service 5:30 pm


 Bible Study for all ages 6:30 pm


High School Group meets 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.

 Love of Christ

01 Love of the Lord.mp3

Bro. Mark McGaughey